The adventure of a lifetime!

For brave hearts and curious souls!

The feeling of Freedom!


You love adventures and nature? If the feeling of freedom is one of the  most important things in the whole world for you, that's your journey!
We pack our tents, sleepingbags and everything important on our bicycles, and start to cycle from Stockholm to Oslo. Without a Plan, but lots of Fun.

The most important things!

Where and how are we going to ride?

We'll ride on many path, as far and as long as we like. 

Where and how are we going to sleep? 

We'll sleep in our tents, wherever we end up on the end of a day. 

Price and service

Everybody is paying for themselves. We'll do the planing of the route and the next days together. 


 We'll start on the  9th of july 2023 in Stockholm, and we'll go back home from the 23th of july 2023 from Oslo. 

Transport, arrival and depature

The arrival and depature is organized individually. If you have any questions, I'm glad to help. 

Everything you need: 

Bags for your bicycle:  Everybody is carrying their own luggage. You have to be able to put everything you need on your bicycle. And of course, you still need some space for water and food.

Bicycle:  You need your own bicycle. You can participate with a normal bike, or a gravelbike.

You: You should love cycling a lot! Sleeping in a tent, and being outside the whole day, sould be something you enjoy. You should be able to hande stress, and you should already have gained some outdoor-experience.

And lots of Fun!

If you consider yourself as an 100% outdoor-human, text me, to sign up. 


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